How Can You Survive a Car Accident?

Is there a way to avoid it? Well, unfortunately, no, there isn’t. Why? Because no matter how much careful driving you do, another vehicle can bump into you at any time. Accidents happen on the road all the time. In fact, millions happen in a year. A staggering number, right? But yes. Not all involve injury though, but still, they happen. If accidents are unavoidable, injuries can be preventable. In a way. Or more.

You Survive

Car airbags aren’t there for no reason. But there are other things you can do to prevent getting serious or more injuries.

1. Use the Seat Belt Properly

Believe it or not, many are guilty of not using their seat belt properly. Car manufacturers equip cars with seat belts. All you have to do is use them properly. Seat belts are front runners in accident safety. The seatbelt should be worn across the chest, and not under the arm. The lap belt should be snug around the hip area. If your car has an automatic shoulder belt, make sure you buckle your hip belt as well. Not doing so will result with you slipping out your seat. And you know what will happen next.

2. Airbags Can Injure You Too

Air bars, although are there to save your life, can harm you as well. This because airbags are engineered to blow up so fast, that the force that can hurt you upon contact. It is said that an impact to an airbag is comparable to hitting a rock. Also, airbags are hot which means they can actually cause burns. With this information, you’ll know that there shouldn’t be anything between you and the airbags other than the steering wheel. The best thing to do is to avoid putting obstructions between you and them. Watch out for the type of jewelry you wear as well. Because they can hit you in the face.

3. Don’t Keep Things Lying Around

You don’t need a lot of things in your car. But if you do, place them inside the pickup bed or trunk. Imagine a tablet hitting your head from behind. When a car crash happens, objects in the car will go flying and they will travel in fast velocities. If you need to keep anything around, put them in a secure bag if they aren’t already, and strap them in with the seat belt.

4. Don’t Brace Yourself

Bracing yourself by stretching your arms on the steering wheel is actually more dangerous. Your bones can dislocate and your arms can break. Ducking won’t do much too as you will be out of the safety zone which is in front of the airbags.

5. Keep Some Survival Tools with You

Tools such as first aid kit, seatbelt knife, glass breaker, flares, flashlight, and other basic things are important to keep around. Just make sure they are contained and secured well. You can even keep a fire extinguisher by bolting it to the car’s floor or transmission tunnel, otherwise, you know what will happen as well.

Accidents can be unavoidable. But there are things you can do to avoid incurring injuries. If you do get into an accident, your personal accident lawyer can help you. Contact a personal injury attorney Cinco Ranch to give you assistance.

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